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Firefly Serenity Shiny Nine Art Prints

Firefly Serenity Shiny Nine Art Prints

The Shiny Nine Painted in gouache watercolors on Bristol board over the course of two days, the originals have been donated to the amazing team at 'Can't Stop The Serenity' for their annual auction to benefit Equality Now

I curse your sudden but inevitable emptiness

This needs to go on my birthday or Christmas list. Curse the emptiness cozy.

so what if i cried after reading this... All I Really Need To Know I Learned From Firefly

Everything I know I learned from Firefly.except the things I learned from Buffy. So true.

Incredible Art and Delightful Home Gifts for All the Nerds In Your Life

Incredible Art and Delightful Home Gifts for All the Nerds In Your Life

Proof That Serenity Is Out There Made famous by the hit TV show, The X-Files, the I Want to Believe poster has become a symbol among sci-fi fans who believe the universe is a bigger, more intere

So love this show. Firefly - TV.com

"Dark Horse Can't Stop the Signal, Relaunches Serenity": Dark Horse Comics will relaunch "Firefly" with art from longtime Joss Whedon collaborator (and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" artist) Georges Jeanty.

Firefly, River Tam. How can you NOT love this show? #firefly #rivertam #myfoodisproblematic

Jayne: "Girl's a mind-readin' genius, can't even figure out how to eat an ice-planet." Gorram you Jayne, those are hard to eat, so what' the point of them.


Firefly - Written by Doug McKeon --Is he crying because he's happy for his nerdy daughter, or because he knows Wash will soon be impaled on that stick? <<< was smiling now I'm crying

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Firefly - the 9 alignments

Firefly Characters Chart - based on Dungeons & Dragons alignment

One of you is going to fall and die and I'm not cleaning it up! *This is now my new favourite saying!*

I used that line on two friends chasing each other on blacktop once. No one understood it. Or laughed. I need better friends.

Fuck Yeah Firefly

Keep Calm and Avoid Reavers. (I always try to avoid reavers!

Mark Sheppard... is in everything I love... Doctor Who, Firefly, Supernatural...

Mark Sheppard is in everything I love. Doctor Who, Firefly, Supernatural.