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Types of Treatment. Image: "Doctor Advises Patient" by Bill Branson | Talk Therapy - An umbrella of therapies including psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, interpersonal therapy, and family therapy...

NIH Panel Cites Need for Individualized, Patient-Centered Approach to Treat Chronic Pain

Tecniche di Vendita al Telefono: Come attirare l'attenzione?

Tecniche di Vendita al Telefono: Come attirare l'attenzione?

Does the use of cell phones increase risk of brain tumor ? What is the scientific evidence on the burning question - does cell phone use affect our health?

Baby Boomer Retirement: Healthcare Advocates for the Seriously Ill #healthcare

Baby Boomer Retirement: GreatCall 5 Star Medical Alert Device - A medical alert device that also has a GPS system.

"Cresswind at Lake Lanier - An Active Adult Community" - bring your boat to this retirement community!

Baby Boomer Retirement: Cresswind at Lake Lanier Active Adult Community

48 Hours In Washington DC: An Insider's Guide

Online Job Interviews - Secrets of Face - Face interview

Online Job Interviews - Unveiling the secrets to great face-to-face interviews online PGI online job interview infographic

"Five Reasons Why #SocialSecurity Retirement Program Needs To Live Long And Prosper." (click through to read more)

Five Reasons Why Social Security Retirement Program Needs To Live Long And Prosper

"Yesterday, the Administration announced the amount of the annual Social Security cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) for It is a minor uptick of percent.

"Advantages of Senior Apartments" - affordable housing for people over age 55!

Baby Boomer Retirement: Advantages of Senior Apartments