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Plant coral honeysuckle. Throughout this perennial's long bloom time, from mid-June through September, its trumpet-shaped blossoms can perfume your entire garden. Coral honeysuckle will twine around anything in its path, scaling a 10- to 15-foot trellis in a single season — and attract hummingbirds, as well.

Pink Calla Lily.... Item # 7832.... Calla Lilies produce trumpet shaped 5" blooms that shimmer with brilliance. One of the most beautiful of all flowers, Calla Lilies are a favorite of florists and are sure to be a favorite inside or outside your home. They bloom in June and July. Hardy in zones 9-11, so if grown in the north they must be dig for the winter, or simply moved indoors as a houseplant.

Camassia cusickii

Calibrachoa Million Bells® Cherry Pink This is a genus of Petunia look-alikes, which the breeder refers to collectively as Million Bells. This variety has intense cerise-pink flowers, The plants are compact, low growers with fine foliage and 1 in, trumpet-shaped blooms that open nonstop until hard frost without need of deadheading. Indispensable for use in containers and hanging baskets

‘Bali Hai’ () is a lovely medley of rose, peach, and mango colors! This lily reminds us of the warm colors of the tropics: brilliant sunsets, luscious fruits and breath-taking scenery. ‘Bali Hai’ is one of our most persistent pink lilies. Indestructible! 4 feet, late June.

Blood lily is perfect for those who think they've seen it all. Just when you least expect it, June to be exact, you'll notice grapefruit-size fireworks going off in your garden when the blooms emerge on leafless stalks. The effect is magical. Rain lilies have a similar effect and bloom sporadically throughout the year with trumpet-shape flowers ranging from white to yellow and pink. Caladiums are quite popular for their harlequin patterns of veins, dapples and spots in pink, green, red.