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IBC Tote Aquaponics Construction Infographic

IBC Tote Aquaponics Construction

Are you fed up with conventional gardening? If so, hydroponic gardening is a great alternative if you're sick of the high maintenance of soil based gardening

1 Acre Farm

One-Acre Solviva Farm Solviva Greenhouse and 10 walk-in Solviva Coldframes, plus outdoor growing beds, plus grazing areas for chickens and sheep, plus Store and Visitor Center. No heating fuel or grid electricity. No toxic pesticides or water pollution.

Kitchen Garden Designs

Winter Gardening Tips

Kitchen garden designs - my favorites are the "Kitchen Garden Design," the "Kitchen Gardening Tips," "Year Round Garden Design" and the "Eye Catching Kitchen Garden Plan." I might like the "Five Year Garden Plan,

Incorporating permaculture principles into your garden will benefit more than just your plants. Read this article and try a couple of our suggestions. You will be pleasantly surprised how the holistic thinking in your backyard will blend into other areas of your life.

Are You A Great Gardener?

Just when you thought you knew everything about growing a great garden, we unearth permaculture. The term has been around since the but what is it? This article will explain what permaculture is as well as to incorporate it's principles into your ow

Before launching into 8 super-cool herbs, let's talk about permaculture. It's an ecological design science that is modeled after nature and used for sustainability.

The Top 8 Herbs for Permaculture Gardening

Natural looking fish tank in the greenhouse.

Outdoor heated fish tank enclosed by glass plus reflections . This would be an awesome place for fish , I think they would be Happy Happy Happy !