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The Easiest Way to Help Kids Memorize Scripture

Here at KidzLife, we wanted to capitalize on the way God wired our brains to help kids hide God’s word deep down in their core. Check out our ideas and readymade resources to help kids memorize scripture without even trying!

FREE GUIDE: Special needs ministry in Sunday school

Find out what are the “3 R’s” of teaching children with special needs. Download this free guide now. #kidmin

15 Fall Children's Ministry Kickoff Ideas

15 new fall children’s ministry kickoff ideas to help you start a winning season of ministry to children.

How to Help Kids with Disruptive Behavior

Years ago, comedian Mark Lowry told his story of growing up in a less-than-happy home. He was hyperactive and most adults did not know how to handle him. He was constantly in trouble at home and at school. He joked that his dad worked out a “two for one deal” with his teacher. When he got a paddling at school for misbehaving, he would get one at home as well! While Mark has many stories of the teachers who were endlessly frustrated with him, he recalled one teacher’s assistant who had…

What Does That Mean?

The Psalmist cried out, “Lord, give me understanding according to your word!” (Psalm 119:169) Have you ever read a verse to kids and then realized the words were way over their heads? I still remember, several years ago at church, a 3rd grader recited Hebrews 10:7 to me verbatim. Job well done. But when I asked, “Do you know what ‘atonement’ means?” he shrugged his shoulders with a very matter-of-fact, “No.” In fact, most of the words in the NKJV translation he had committed to…