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Teaching density!  Shake it up and watch it separate again.

8 science - Seven Layer Density Column - shake it up then watch them separate. FUN science experiment for the kiddos. Thanks, Pam!

How to make back-to-school signs that parents will notice--and appreciate!

19 Easy-to-Make PTO Signs That Parents Will Love

Science Project-Glowy EggLet Sit the Egg into plain white vinegar for few ours and it turns out this

Naked egg experiment- Dissolve egg shell off with vinegar and it will become a "naked egg" that can bounce.- Off to start it now. A great experiment for spring break!- We did this and K loved it! I would suggest naked egg investigation be done outside.

Free Sample of Lactaid Fast Act Dietary Supplements

This makes eating cheese and milk items a more enjoyable experience for everyone ;

Lighting is key! I like all these ideas..

Must remember cuz I love sparkly twinkly lights DIY lights and lanterns for outdoor weddings!