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Sheldon thinking he's "supposedly" gifted with lazer power.
Big Bang Theory Funny | Probably the best moment on the Big Bang Theory... - The Meta Picture
Smile, Sheldon... Wait... Stop! No!
Ok well. I did something that will either make me look like a...
Big Bang; a new favorite show, right after Star Trek Next Gen  (OK, I admit I have all the seasons on DVD), & almost anything Sci, NatGeo & History  Channels
1. It takes a week to make 21 minutes On a sitcom, we have five days to work on an episode until we tape it. In our case, we record with four cameras in front of a live studio audience....
Penny section of the roommate agreement. Just leave it in Sheldon, you know they can't make up their minds
The Big Bang Theory-Our kids will be smart and beautiful
it's official, Sheldon loves Amy #shamy Big Bang Theory. LOVED this scene!