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X Inactivation and Epigenetics

Introducing Mr. Ribosome! He’s hard at work in your cells synthesizing proteins! #AmoebaGIFs

Here is a GIF demonstrating transcription and translation! As always, all our science GIFs can be found at

How Nerves Work

How Nerves Work - Synaptic Transmission - Like wires in your home's electrical system, nerve cells make connections with one another in circuits called neural pathways. Unlike wires in your home, nerve cells do not touch, but come close together at synapses... "

Everyone pitches in for protein synthesis! Here are three types of RNA helping your cells make proteins. Be sure to check out all our science GIFs here for your studyblrs, teacher websites,...

20 Proven Ways to Effectively Lower Your Stress Hormone

20 Proven Ways to Effectively Lower Your Stress Hormone — Optimal Living Dynamics

Mapping the Epigenome. Learing how these markers are inherited and how genes are turned off or on by interaction with the environment.

How to Support Your Mitochondria for Better Brain Health