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A stencil of Charles Manson in a prison suit, hitchhiking to anywhere, Archway, London - Banksy


A Disturbing & Uncomfortable Truth Told Through These Powerful Street Art Pieces

Peel Fiction - Banksy transforms the iconic image of John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson from Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction into something slightly less menacing on Old Street, London.

The World According to Banksy - Photo Essays

Banksy's 2002 Pulp Fiction mural famously depicting bananas instead of guns was painted over by London Transport workers five years later. Works by Banksy damaged or destroyed - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wall Street or Serial Killer???

Psychopath -- a person with a mental disorder characterized primarily by a lack of empathy and remorse, shallow emotions, egocentricity, and deceptiveness toward others.

Suits any topic you want ... #politics

In this image, we see a young man holding a paint brush and bucket filled with red paint, correcting graffiti on a wall which reads "Enjoy your life." The boy has taken a paintbrush and crossed out the letter "F" so it now reads: "Enjoy your lie.


Here's a fun idea! Banksy's famous street arts comes to live with GIF animations created by ABVH. The artist has worked on six of Banksy's artworks, each amusing in their own way.


Don't forget to eat your lunch and make some trouble Banksy art street wall graffiti