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Lion Triplets Meet Dad For The First Time; Immediately Annoy Him -- I'll now be using the term "Lion dad moment" as a cue to let my children know when I need some space. :)

Welcome to magical world of Teenagers! Back talks, moodswings, crazy behavior, continuous mind changes, lies, sneakiness, etc etc. lol.

Cal Tjader-Solar Heat: used to love to play along with this. Grady Tate played drums on this (also played with NBC Tonight Show Orchestra w/Johnny Carson). Was told by pianist friend that Grady couldn't play triplets because he had been brought up in South American tradition (bossa nova, etc.). Whatever, he sure had a nice touch and was very musical. Cal used to play with DBQ, vibes and drums, I think, but went off on his own.

Triplet brothers at graduation. Identical triplets are extremely rare, something that occurs only once in every 500,000 births. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Britain's oldest identical male triplets are still 'sprightly boyos' on their 80th birthday | Daily Mail Online

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