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I need more info on this moment

omg imagine if u saw this while sitting in the car. Wait why would you be sitting in your car?

No, I spent my Saturday night/afternoon watching a 7 and 1/2 hour twitcam by a LIFE-SAVING, AMAZING, SO-CLOSE-TO-PERFECT boyband.

Yes, I watched every single bit of it and loved it

The fook Liam??? I swear, I didn't say anything about Batman! I love Batman! Watch out! I got a spoooooon!

Liam, ya look more creepy than scary haha. The rest of you are just adorable

This might just be the best thing you've ever said harry. I love you so freaking much it's not even funny

[gif] favorite part of the movie <<> I was laughing SO HARD on my way out of the theater! Hahaha Loved both fishing scenes!

Hahahahaha......i actually didnt notice this..im just going to pretend i did...haha oh harry..

I noticed that the first time I watched this and my jaw just dropped like okay maybe this is the wrong place to do that

Harry imagine

Imagine: Harry: that would be totally amazing if that actually happened to me.