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Character creation masterlist

Character creation masterlist

Homemade Hand Warmers. A super quick and simple sewing project that anyone can do! Perfect for those cold winter days and reusable.

Homemade Hand Warmers

Homemade Hand Warmers, perfect to keep your hands and feet toasty on cold winter days and reusable!and perfect for those days when my hands are too cold to interpret!

How to write gore? : writing

I'm working on my novel and I've reached a sequence that I know has to be viscerally horrifying and gory. I know the basic things like 'less is.

4 Poetry Chapbook Strategies | WritersDigest.com

4 Poetry Chapbook Strategies

Since many poets are getting together their November chapbooks this month, here are some poetry chapbook strategies. These are different than the 5 Tips fo

This happened in class today

This happened in class today

This happened in class today<<<My roommate​ in Uni did that thermos thing only with coffee, red bull and coke.

Become a Better Writer

Two Must-Have Resources to Help You Become a Better Writer

Become A Better Writer Tips and resources for becoming a better writer. Click through to check out these 2 resources.

writing prompt

A lure.

Is it a lure for you, or for the Pokémon? You walk towards it, barely close enough to the pokestop. "Dude there's a Jigglypuff! They see you and back into the shadows.