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Which are you gonna pick? The good bottle or the bad bottle?

Ellie, this reminds me of the story you told me this morning!! haha

"Don't you wish your girlfriend were grammatically correct like I." Using the grammatical structure of a lyric from a pop song is always a bad idea.

What can I say??????  I know I'm Awesome...therefore weird! lol

The reason I am so weird is because I am 10 x more awesome than I am weird. It's almost 2 am so if that made no sense don't blame me. Blame my insomnia.


I just told someone yesterday that I was an expert at multitasking because I teach 2 year olds. This is my life summed up in an ecard.

Emily Dickinson

Aspire to inspire

This lens contains what I & quite a few others pertain to be the 45 golden rules for living your life by. I recently received these 45 rules.

Eight Rules of Writing

Neil Gaiman's 8 Rules for Writing - great tips from an awesome writer! hmm dunno if I pinned this but whatever lol love Neil Gaiman