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Kids wear clothes pin on collar/clothes instead of taking huge pass... ESPECIALLY if they are going to the restroom.  GERM SAVER!

Adorable Hall/Bathroom Pass using clothespins! Always know who/how many kids are out of the room. They clip a clothespin to their shirt or collar (so it won't get germy! Could also "hall pass" and see how many are gone and who they are.

Look at desks to see who is in the bathroom and they get a reminder to wash their hands when they return.

First Grade and Fancy Free: Bathroom Passes great idea. When kiddos go to the restroom they put the hand sanitizer on their desk. When they return they get a squirt!

these go on a student's desk when they are in the bathroom (visual cue to teacher) and serves as a reminder to get their hands really clean when they get back (students).

The kid puts the bottle of sanitizer on his/her desk when going to the bathroom. When the kid returns, he/she must squirt some sanitizer into his/her hands in addition to washing hands in the bathroom.

Happy New Year!  I can't believe vacation is almost over!  I have been trying a few new things in the class this year and wanted to share so...

When kids are pulled for speech, OT, reading groups, etc., they put the cup on their desk to say they are out of the room. It makes it easy to glance around the room and see who has been pulled.

WBT revised classroom rules {freebie}

classroom rules and behavior expectations.