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I have written poetry for as far back as I can remember but the book that encouraged me to write was Bury Me Deep by Christopher Pike. This might seem like a strange book, not quite conventional, classic or romantic but I found myself wanting to write stories like his books and the first long story I wrote was loosely similar to this book. I was probably about 12 at the time. I've always loved horror books.

Part memoir and part manual on how he learned to write. I don't like his horror books but this one is great and inspirational.

And so it feels like a good time -- with Halloween approaching, with DOUBLE DEAD in November and me writing MOCKINGBIRD at present -- to visit the subject of writing horror. None of this is meant t...

#justdoitjanuary #bookreview Day five #nosugar (nonfiction) #booktag @bookidote @ellabooklover #onewordtitle I did seriously pick COMMUNION by #whitleystrieber as my nonfiction book. Thought I'd shake it up a bit. I'm from the X-Files generation and I'm always down for hearing every side to every story. When Strieber wrote his NF book about his account of alien abduction I gotta say I was skeptical. Not only did he write a convincing story but it was a damn terrifying one too. Could it have…

The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft: 102 Horror Short Stories, Novels, Juvenelia, Collaborations and Ghost Writings by H.P. Lovecraft - cover art by Luca Oleastri - www.innovari.it

I, Frankenstein Will Be Released In 3D - During an analyst call Tuesday, Lionsgates Motion Picture Group co-chairman Rob Friedman announced that the studios upcoming comic book, I, Frankenstein will be released in 3D. Based on the comic of the same name, the horror film, which stars Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy and Yvonne...

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