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It’s difficult for bees and beekeepers during the long cold of winter; but there are some things you can do to see you and your hives throug...

Beginning beekeepers have plenty of company and great advice from our beekeeping bloggers who've been there and cah help you with shortcuts and wise advice. - From MOTHER EARTH NEWS

All about how to prepare your beehives for winter--what to do, when to do it, how much food your bees need, and winterizing your hives. From the Runamuk Acres Farm & Apiary. runamukacres.com

DIY Backyard Beekeeping: A Guide for Beginners If you can garden, you can be a beekeeper. Here are the first steps: the questions to ask, t...

Raising bees can be a fun and rewarding part of homesteading. Here are some things you need to know BEFORE you get started. The Homesteading Hippy

Are you interested in keeping bees but unsure how to start or even what beekeeping supplies you’d need to purchase? This beekeeping guide is for you! It’s a step-by-step beekeeping guide to what supplies you’ll need, how to set up your beehive, and how to install your queen and bees when they arrive. It’s the ultimate beekeeping starter guide!

Duh! Easy, sensible ways to reduce winter condensation in your honeybee hives. Condensation is a common winter killer for your bees. This beekeeper has listed simple solutions. Tilt your hives!

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