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If there’s one thing you don’t want to know this year, let this be it.

Did you know that a whitetail deer is capable of jumping higher than the average house? This is due to its powerful hind legs and the fact that the average house can't jump.

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I would totally watch number 10

Don't Shoot Innocent Animals Tin Sign 15 x

19 Emoji You Wish Existed

12 Emoji That Need to Exist ASAP

The dancing Beyoncé emoji is essential.

All polar bears are left-handed. http://edidyouknow.com/did-you-know-180/

Pretty sure polar bears cant write

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"I never called you stupid dear. But, when I asked you how you spelled Mississippi, and you asked if I was talking about the River or the State, it just kind of caught me off guard.

...yeah ladies (and guys in this case!)...  #ThisIsLegendary #LegendaryWhitetails www.deergear.com

yeah ladies (and guys in this case!


hunting quotes for girls

Are you sure you want to spoil all that cardio with a bunch of calories!?

Don't cheat-ah on your diet.(not cardio, weight training)

#hunt #hunting #huntingmemes

I thought veggies tasted like poop.

Better watch out

Feel Like Cougar Hunting? Sometimes, you hunt the cougar. Other times, the cougar hunts you. Pay back!

Hit a Deer??

Because logic is optional apparently.

Lol this reminds me of my dad lol he's a funeral director

Funny pictures about Explosive Grief. Oh, and cool pics about Explosive Grief. Also, Explosive Grief photos.

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This one may be a little crusty

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except for me it's more like "haha ha ha.... shut up you're the one who's marrying me."

This is what I do, I make dumb jokes then question why I don't have a boyfriend because I am just so darn funny