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Source from my Vincente M. Simon quote about emotional decisions in the final project

I got a quote about festival motivation from this article on ebscohost that i used for the A2 market analysis. "the motivations of people to attend festivals with social-psychological benefits, which can be listed as cultural exploration, novelty and regression, socialization with known groups, external socialization, prestige/status, and intellectual enrichment."

NAICS code that defines terms of a performance facility regulated by designated staff members.

Target market characteristics

Costs to create and distribute mobile application

Insurance is a huge issue in the creation of music festivals, especially involving the injuries and fatalities that occur within them.

Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs defines the essentials for a human being to survive. This relates to how music caters to the needs of the entertainment marketplace.

La Línea Nacional Prenatal Hispana, The National Hispanic Prenatal Helpline 1-800-504-7081

The following is a summary of data regarding the Orlando metropolitan area labor force, 2003 annual averages.

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