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Fishy Songs - Perfect for OCEAN week

Fishy Songs - Perfect for OCEAN week I chose This nursery rhyme because This nursery rhyme would be great with puppets to get the children's involvement

The smallest act of kindness

The smallest acts of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. Random acts really do work

It's what it means... If you have it, fight for it. True love is unique and it's the only thing that lasts.

When you fall in love, it is a temporary madness. Love itself is what is left over, when being in love has burned away. Captain Corellis Mandolin, this is for you Tc xx

"New year. New feels. New breathe. New chances. Same dreams, fresh starts. I dare you to believe in yourself. YOU DESERVE ALL THINGS MAGIC." --- Even each and every day, every moment is a chance for fresh start.

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I love you Mozart- you are my spirit animal. If he was still alive today, we'd be buds.

Love of Self

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I love this! (And, is that Daniel Craig? He can hug me anytime!)

One day somone is going to hug you so tight that all of your broken pieces will stick back together.