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Pivothead video recording eyewear puts an HD video camera capable of recording at and photos all in a pair of sunglasses.

Mobile charger running on water

Mobile phone charger that runs on water invented for 'people who spend time away from the electricity grid'

PowerTrekk has built the world’s first water-powered portable cellphone charger. The portable charger is scheduled to be launched in the U.

Pet Plant lets plants express themselves....then I would be able to keep them alive. :)

Pet Plant: this high tech pot reads soil for nutrients, humidity, and temperature. Then the LCD screen displays a face showing how the plant 'feels'. This would probably be the only way to keep a plant alive under my care.

The Impossible Project took it upon themselves to resurrect instant photography by making new film for traditional Polaroid cameras – Hallelujah! They’ve now taken it a step further and created the Impossible Instant Lab, which takes your digital images from your iPhone and turns them into actual photos in an instant.

Impossible Instant Lab: Turn iPhone Images into Real Photos

The Impossible Project is raising funds for Impossible Instant Lab: Turn iPhone Images into Real Photos on Kickstarter! Transform your digital iPhone images into real instant photographs that you can touch, caress and share with friends.

Gardez votre calme et soyez heureux heureux heureux

I usually don't like these "keep calm" posts but I sure do love me some Poppa Phil Duck Dynasty happy happy happiness!

redington torrent - Google Search

redington torrent - Google Search

wild horses

"All the wild horses, all the wild horses are tethered with tears in their eyes.


Revo adds the Headway to its collection of ultra-high quality polarized sunglasses, equipped with industry leading optics and technology.