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I have always been afraid of crying infront of anyone. It has always made me feel vulnerable and none of my family ever cried in front of each other, so I guess you can say I was taught not to cry in front of others Now I have realized that it heals and help soothe a hurt soul

What's Your Decor Style? (It's Actually Important to Know)

What's Your Decor Style? (It's Actually Important to Know) via @PureWow Your Style is...Traditional You like crackling fireplaces, well-stocked bookshelves and mahogany china cabinets that show off your wedding dishes. What can you say? You’re a sucker for the classics. Add a bit of pizzazz to your style by visiting Hollywood at Home, the sunny showroom of English-born designer Peter Dunham, who’s a friend to patterned table skirts and cozy re

"You Deserve Better" article for when you have been treated help remind you of what you do and don't deserve.

Riding a horse is better therapy than telling your psychiatrist how it made you feel when your mother washed your mouth out with soap as a child for repeating a curse word you'd heard her say the day before even though you didn't know what it meant and only said it in the first place because she said it and you wanted to be just like her.

Limited Edition Real Estate Agent

~ Buying a Home is so Much More than Picking a Home Style, Neighborhood and the Number of Bedrooms. This T-Shirt Says it All! | Limited Edition Real Estate Agent