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Don't think you're off the hook

It describes me entirely: Gemini has a soft heart and is quick to forgive. BUT is NOT stupid. So think twice before hurting a Gemini, first time may let it go, but there won't be a second time, al right?

Guard your heart at all costs. Something my mama taught me very well.

If I give my heart to you don't take that gesture lightly. I do not trust easily and my heart is easily broken.

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This is truer than true. I am a true blue Gemini. That's the trouble. I'm too true to my sign.soooo true, self bloody sacrifice

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As a Gemini, you often hide your sensitivity and emotions under a mask of humor.

My last relationship Lol She def thought nobody knew she was obsessed with homegirl daughter

This is very true. and very many bfs. i always thought there was something wrong with me. // Gemini can detach themselves from someone so easily.

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Astrology obviously doesn't work for everybody but I'm such a Gemini it's spooky

When a Gemini loves you, they love with all they have

When a Gemini loves you, they love with all they have. some people don't get geminis, but those that do know they have a big heart; GEMINIES when they love it is with their heart and soul.

Unless one is a very good at groveling.

Once a Gemini is over you, it's really over. Don't ever take a "break" with a Gemini. It won't ever come back around to the way it was. SO TRUE!