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Memorizing everything on his Facebook wall won't make him memorize your number. #datingrules

If you can't tie him down, don't tie him up. #datingrules

Roses are red, violets are blue. If he writes a poem, it doesn't mean he gets to bang you. #datingrules

If men didn't like a challenge, video games and jet fans wouldn't exist. #datingrules

If you wouldn't let him see you without makeup, don't let him see you without clothes. #datingrules

If he says all of his exes are psycho, what does that make you for dating him? #datingrules

Just because he makes you weak in the knees doesn't mean you need to be on them! #datingrules

Any guy who reads "The Game" should only be playing it with himself. #datingrules

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