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Affectionate Cub: "Mom, I love licking you right here, you taste so good!" Mom Wolf with her Cub.

Mama and her pup

Motherly love - baby wolf pup and wolf mother

** Like the animals; have an attitude of gratitude.

yourstrulyfranca: “ her-wolf: “ Wolf Cub Begging For Food by Jean-Louis Klein & Marie-Luce Hubert ” ”

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Arctic Fox pup calling -- dying from the cuteness

¡Un abrazo para aquellos que nos siguen cada día! y para los que no... también.

Mom and baby wolf

Pack Greeting

~~hudsonbay wolf by j.kok~~ A mother's love is a wonderful thing.

Wolves Are One Of The Many Animals That Choose A Mate For Life #wolf #wolves #wölfe

Wolves Are One Of The Many Animals That Choose A Mate For Life and I choose you now I get to kiss you How sweet

Tendresse <3 <3 <3

Wolves have such strong family bonds

pinterest- coldtamale <3 .....I've read that nibbling is a sign of affection among wolves ~SheWolf★

Kiss of a Wolf / BeateSchwarzmann-Rentzschke

This is the warmest and safest feeling

Chinowa acting playing mom to a Timber Wolf Pup. at the Seacrest Wolf Preserve.