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from a new show...Constantine? I think? Anyway - impressive.

Anyway - impressive. <<< makes me wonder what else he can do with those handcuffs

the smolder.  just kidding he's just looking.  he just always looks like he's smoldering

Matty Ryan as the perfect Constantine. Sorry, Keanu: I liked you in the movie, but Mr. Ryan is the perfect embodiment of Constantine.

Holy Shit! NBC's Constantine actually looks like Constantine.!

Damn if NBC's Constantine doesn't look exactly like John Constantine

Kinda how I all feel right about now. #saveConstantine

Kimberly Merville on

FC:matt ryan)) I sit lonely at a bar with a beer for myself and a water on the bar in the seat next to mine mine is empty and the ice in the water has melted and I sadly look into my glass (Open for anyone)