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Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Mountain Bike Trail

PLANO TX - Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Mountain Bike Trail - 2.2 mile loop trail - Beautiful trail in the middle of Plano. Has a concrete loop but with the option for dirt trail running. Trails are single file. There are rocks, tree roots & creek crossings. But, that all adds to the fun. The concrete trails can be busy on weekends. Separate trails for mountain bikers. Bathrooms & water fountains are located near parking lot adjacent yo a really nice playground for the little ones.

Check out the newly opened mountain bike trail at our non-profit partner River Legacy Park in Arlington, #Texas! Love the #outdoors, #LoveBlue

Sansom Red Trail

FORT WORTH, LAKEWORTH 199 - Sansom Park Trail - 2.2 mile loop - Did not see the glass which was referred to in several reviews. Trails were in good condition. Some challenging elevation in spots but overall a really well maintained trail. Some cactus and certainly a good amount of rocks. I found the grassy portion to be a nice changed to the mainly wooded trail. Will do again.

Knob Hills Trail

Knob Hills Trail in Flower Mound, TX Day Trail; May; lots of mosquitos, lots of shade, sunscreen a must, good day trail for dogs to come along.

Tandy Hills Trail

FORT WORTH (south of I-30 btwn Beach St & Oakland Blvd) Tandy Hills Trail - Texas | - .trails are foot traffic only and not it! took the bird trail and what started off being a 2 mile hike quickly turned into a 6 mile adventure. lost a few times and the mounds n hills give one an excellent cardio...this is my favorite hiking park in Funky Town!

Cedar Hill State Park DORBA Trail - Texas | - 12 mile loop - $7 pp - Great trail for beginners! We did the shorter route since it was our first time there (just remember to stay to the left for the that route). Watch out for the bikers as they also travel on the same trail and they have "the right of way" (move over for them). They travel in the opposite direction as you.

North Shore Trail

GRAPEVINE LAKE - North Shore Trail - 12 mile out and back -in Flower Mound not Grapevine. The best way to have a fun cost free trip is to enter via Murrell Park in Flower Mound. gatehouse manned by senior citizens, just tell them you're there for hiking and then drive down to the MADD Shelter. on most maps and is the perfect starting point for your expeditions. I prefer to hike on the west side because its a more technical trail. most of the bike traffic heads East towards Rockledge park.