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This is how I feel helping my 8 YO with maths homework

"Two "Math for Dummies" at each. That'll be 50 dollars." Why we need math : )

Excuses... Got this covered!

Comedy in the Classroom: 50 Ways to Bring Laughter Into Any Lesson. This has great ideas. More about creative teaching than "comedy".

In response to my child's, I will never need math: 13 Seriously Cool Jobs that Need Math

Maths Careers - ideas on jobs using maths

:0) At OHVA, you don't have hours of additional "homework" to complete each evening. Technically... pinned with Pinvolve

"Oh no, not homework again." - New Yorker Cartoon Poster Print by Arnie Levin at the Condé Nast Collection

For my Algebra II students!

Math in the Middle: Math Cartoons

Living on the Edge

Living on the Edge

Pick lines for Nerds Math homework in Pen

Did...did a pin actually make me feel bad for the tragic loves in math?

Funny pictures about Love Story In Maths. Oh, and cool pics about Love Story In Maths. Also, Love Story In Maths photos.

Math or Psycology? Or even philosophy?...

This started as a way to express the admins' love of calculus and math in general. As result, this has turned into a gathering place for math-based humor and weekly challenges.

man. this pizza is taking forever

Visual Pizza Pun About Math

this is hilarious

Funny cartoon - Restroom in scotland - Jokes, Memes & Pictures