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Check out the amazing art done by my amazingly talented friend Megan ( Charcoal Drawing Mermaid At Heart by ChicCharcoals on Etsy

This would make an amazing tattoo! I would make the girl look more like me though if I get it.:

This would make an amazing tattoo! I make the girl look less seductive and more comforted by the lion's strength. I would also change the lion to a wolf, because I really like wolves.

I give you this commercial break to reveal an insomnia-induced experimental mermaid on hand-cut paper. ©Kellee Riley and KelleeArt Design Studio, LTD.


In Depth Conversation - Under The Ocean Fantasy art featuring a mermaid and a seahorse - Postcard

SIGNED Mermaid Riding Seahorse Art Print 8x10 by AMBroughtonArt

inch PRINT Mermaid Riding Seahorse Art Pencil Drawing Tattoo Coastal Island Home Wall Art Decor Signed

Mermaid hair color drawing Hair!! blue wavy long hair. Fun to draw

Mermaid hair color drawing, I don't know who did this but they are so talented I can never get hair right.

Different types of mermaids like with fish, some that resemble bettas, some tetras, livebearers and so on

Marker Drawing - Watercolor Pencil Animals By Katy Lipscomb

Wild Animal Spirits In Pencil And Marker Illustrations By Katy Lipscomb (Interview)