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Locations of the Earth’s Chakra Points: Our Planets Energetic Body

Mount Shasta, California when i lived in hawaii all those years i missed the mountain and one trip home I had Jamie Carlberg pain me the mountain he was a great local arrtist and my oil looks like this, it warms my heart. sunset on Mount Shasta

The indigo child is here to bring us closer to our true essence. We think our minds are separate because of our bodies. These children know differently.

The seven chakras when awakened cause a transformation of consciousness, and physical changes in the body. The body will experience ultimate health

Home (Away) for the Holidays: Sierra at Tahoe’s Blizzard Mountain via Pitstops for Kids

Home (Away) for the Holidays: Sierra at Tahoe's Blizzard Mountain

A Dweller on Two Planets was "channeled" to FREDERICK SPENSER OLIVER (1866-1899) at his Northern California home near Mount Shasta over a period of three years, beginning when he was seventeen. The true author, according to Oliver, was Phylos the Thibetan, a spirit and one-time inhabitant of the lost continent of Atlantis. Oliver claimed not to have written any of the text, asserting here that he was merely transmitting that which Phylos revealed to him.

A Dweller on Two Planets Or, The Dividing of the Way (Cosimo Classics: Methphysics) by Phylos the Thibetan

Mount shastha, California,US.Twin Mountain of Arunachala ,India Arunachala is the most sacred holy place of all…….. The Hindu sage Ramana Maharshi said that Arunachala was the top of the spiritual axis of the earth and that there must be another mountain corresponding to it at the opposite side of the globe. I am suggesting that the other mountain is Mt. Shasta. But whether that is true or not, there is no doubt in my mind that Mt. Shasta and Mt. Arunachala are two

Mount Shastha, California,Thiruvannamalai’s Twin

Landscape Photography by David Richter

Landscape Photography by David Richter

SILVER CURTAINS Mossbrae Falls, Dunsmuir, California The famous lower section of Northern California’s Mossbrae Falls around Dunsmuir in the Mount Shasta area, shown here in a wider few to give a sense of scale for the dimensions of this wide falls.