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ภเгคк ค๓๏

I Love all Dog Breeds: 5 of the healthiest dog breeds. This adorable puppy is an Australian Cattle Dog, and has a life expectancy of 29 years! Australian Cattle Dogs are prone to develop retinal atrophy, which eventually leads to blindness.

10 Cute Beagles That Will Make You Giggle

10 Cute Beagles That Will Make You Giggle!

every garden needs a beagle -- yep, who else is going to chase off the cats and squirrels and dig holes big enough for new trees? a beautiful Beagle won the Westminister Dog Show yesterday.

When's Dinner?

golden retriever - my Golden always plays in his water when we put the bowl outside! Maybe he thinks it's a mini pool.

This pup.. my goodness!

"I have a stick. It is my stick. And it's the best stick in the whole wide world." What a precious puppy!