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Really, is it too much to ask?

"We should have mannequins with bellies and thighs that touch and hips that don't lie." I love and adore Ellen

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I love that microwave, but i love the fridge! shh dont tell the microwave it might get jealous

i'm hilarious.

Good thing I'm funny! =) "My life is like a romantic comedy except there's no romance and it's just me laughing at my own jokes.

Styling Tips: Alldaycreative


Anna Wintour- making women into sex objects one dress at a time. How about a dress that makes men want to be better? I'd prefer that dress.

falling asleep to the sound of rain

This is so true that on the nights it isn't raining, I sleep to the sound of artificial rain. though it simply can not compare to the real thing. The best thing to fall asleep to is the sound of a raging thunderstorm.

Can't always judge a book by its cover...

Everyone has a story that has changed them. Some ppl need to keep in mind they are not the only ones changed by an event or story. Learn it, live it!

Heart, Temper and Touch, Love it

Charles Dickens Quote on Heart, Temper, & Touch Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never h.

Love this one by Isak Dinesen http://media-cache5.pinterest.com/upload/52635889364996336_zvWsm9dn_f.jpg kspw words

[ ❦ I'll take the sea for best, appreciate the sweat, but am anguished by the other.] the cure for anything is saltwater sweat tears or the sea sympathy quote card isak denison.

be silly as much as possible

There's power in looking silly and not caring that you do - Amy Poehler (I need to remember this. I care way too much about what other people think of me.

Pretty sure there's a unicorn behind me. //the people on this show (Destination Truth) are hilarious : Ani Oakley//

ahhh happy st return of josh gates day

Josh Gates-but i'm pretty sure there's a unicorn behind me. Oh Destination Truth, how I love you ---Unicorn?

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"Online shopping, because it's frowned upon to be in a store with no bra, sweatpants, and a glass of wine . " FROM: 54 Pretty Pink Posters and Quotes