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BulkyPix, the publisher behind Evofish, and Pendulo Studios, the developer behind Yesterday, are excited to announce the next game that they will be releasing. Hollywood Monsters is an adventure game in the same vein as those funny adventures of the past. And what better subject matter than the golden age of Hollywood monsters?

"What is the old Dalish curse? May the Dread Wolf take you."

ballroom dance practice, to start the year dancing a wish for a year full of DA4

Plenty has been said about the greatest games from the Golden Age of Arcades. But which ones ate the most quarters? You might be surprised when you find out.

An arcade game (or coin-op) is a coin-operated entertainment machine.The golden age of arcade video games lasted from the late 1970s to the mid-1990sThe term "arcade game" is also, in recent times, used to refer to a video game that was designed to …

The first thing that I actually thought of when I played DA2 was the fact that Isabela would make a great Esmerelda