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Illustrators and artists make online art inspired by the Orlando mass shooting.

Sean Miser widow transporting his ashes.. one of the 19 firefighters killed.. had salutes like this for 500 plus miles going home... Not mentioned in the media.. awesome... And his widow is also pregnant with their child.

Sean Misner, one of the 19 firefighters who lost their lives in Arizona, on his way home. Trucks were on every overpass from Arizona to the Santa Ynez Valley, with firefighters saluting as Misner's wife drove by with his ashes.

Teach them to love one another no matter what

Children learn racism and hatred from the people in their lives, their culture and their environment. Racism and hatred are learned not inherent. But look at this we live in a racist world x

I hope this is true. It's a beautiful story to remind us that people, even those labeled as "bad" are still human beings at their core, capable of good.

So you like Prison Break?

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Enjoy this selection of the most romantic photos of all time. Enjoy this selection of the most romantic photos of all time.

Shocking statistics on the child sex trade in America.

Slavery of all kinds has gone on for years. Child Sex Trafficking In America- Children forced to have sex times per day. Of course pornography is what has created the demand for so many child sex slaves.


This is adorable, and congrats to this mom for raising her little girl well.>>>this little girl is gorgeous! You go Raven Marie

Preach it!!

Really Cosmo? I actually don't know if I should laugh at the comment or if I should cry knowing this magazine considers this model a "plus size" wtf? This is what I think every time I see what the fashion industry considers "plus sized".


My son said there’s some kids in his class that don’t eat their lunch.” “Cuz they don’t have one, mommy. Can I bring them some of mine?” Totally his idea, and he helped pack it, too!