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Tawny Frogmouths: The Lazy Skunks of the Skies

I swear, frogmouths are the most adorable birds ever. Wow An albino frogmouth!

The Potoo bird from South and Central America. It looks like a weird hand puppet.

Today I learned about the Potoo, a nocturnal bird that resides in Central and South America.

The nocturnal Potoo of Central America is nature's most surprised looking bird. In his treatment of the family in the Handbook of the Birds of the World, Cohn-Haft describes the potoos as "little more than a flying mouth and eyes".

Photo Contest - Bluebirds on a wireMichael Smith New Windsor, Maryland First Place, Backyard Habitats, Professional  A dozen eastern bluebirds made Smith’s backyard their home base one recent winter, attracted by the mealworms set out each afternoon by the photographer. During a particularly bad snowstorm, this bird huddled on a wire, giving Smith a perfect opportunity to photograph its ruffled plumage against a snowy background.

Photo Contest - Bluebirds on a wireMichael Smith New Windsor, Maryland First…

small tawny frogmouth;  The tawny frogmouth is a species of bird native to Australasia, found across Australia and Tasmania. It favours tropical forested savannahs and open woodlands as its habitat. Often mistaken as part of the owl family, the strange-looking big-mouth is in fact part of the frogmouth family which is quite closely related to both nightjars and oilbirds.

Tawny Frogmouth - No, Its Not an Owl or a Puppet

small tawny frogmouth Not an owl but nocturnal bird of Australia.

Tawny Frogmouth owl by ʘwl

Tawny Frogmouth owl by ʘwl

Potoo Bird Seems To Be Constantly Terrified (10 pics) | Bored Panda

POTOO BIRD Family: Nyctibiidae Habitat: Forests of South and Central America Fun Fact: Potoos' unforgettable eyes have slits in the lids that allow them to sense movement even when their eyes are closed.


I seriously LOVE the line of the wings/ beak. Ivory, the "partial albino" red-tailed hawk at the Minnesota Zoo


It's white and it's rare but an albino sparrow's striking snow-white plumage means even its feathered friends might not know whether their unusual mate is a boy or a girl. Caroline Crain via Marlene Molina onto For the birds


Bird, Golden-crowed Kinglet cutest little winged beauty!

Kestrel ~ Beautiful!

Kestrel/ Torenvalk by Johan van Gool on - beautiful bird, but love the color combination