but seriously...how cute!

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Dandie Dinmont Terrier~I'm not familiar with this particular breed of Dog, but he sure is a handsome fella <3

Dandie Dinmont Terrier: This is one of the very rarest breeds in the United States and is almost extinct in its native UK. Why that is, I don't know, for this is one adorable dog. The breed is ranked 170 out of 175 in AKC registrations.

Puppy in a hat

Ollie (Spoodle) – Daily Pet Calendar for January 2013 – Rachael Hale ® The world’s most lovable animals

hello lovely :)

Sundance the Labradoodle-Cute grown-up puppy!

Wish my mom will get another dog like me to play with:(

Beau Monde breeding the finest Australian Labradoodles in Riverside California Golden Doodles are great but are Labradoodles better?

Boo the cutest dog in the world

Is this the cutest dog in the world? Boo the Pomeranian has millions of fans and his own book

1358100925~White-Petite-Goldendoodle.jpg (400×618)

Mini Goldendoodle~ Golden Retriever & miniature Poodle This is what angel looked when she was a baby like except more of golden color

El random post #10

El random post #10 - Estilo de Vida y mundo positivo - El124.com Blog