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Foxglove, Milk Chocolate, Perennial Flower Garden Seeds

Foxglove seeds from Swallowtail Garden Seeds. Large selection of biennial and true perennial foxgloves.

Digitalis ferruginea 'Gigantea' "Rusty Foxglove"

Digitalis ferruginea 'Gigantea' "Rusty Foxglove"

Agrostemma Githago Milas

Agrostemma Githago Milas has graceful rose colored flowers and is easy to grow from flower seeds. Agrostemma seeds can be started directly outdoors.

Linaria maroccana Mix Flower Seeds from Ukraine

Linaria maroccana Mix Flower Seeds from Ukraine

Name: Linaria maroccana Mix Flowers Seeds. Number of seeds: about 500 seeds. "Ukraine organic seeds We are in the heart of the country - the city of Dnepropetrovsk. Seeds Longivity: about 2 years.

Growing with plants gardening blog: HOW TO SOW AND GROW BEAUTIFUL ANNUAL POPPIES Plant early spring in dedicated area

Flowers decorated very pretty outside Salpiglossis I've been growing lately - Pantip.

200 Leptosiphon Seeds-Hybrids Mix, Bright shades of rose, yellow,orange cream.

Leptosiphon Mix Leptosiphon Mix (Leptosiphon Hybrida French Hybrids Mix) - Start Leptosiphon seeds to start these dainty little flowers.

Larkspur Galilee Blend Organic Seeds

A vibrant trouble-free forest of tall, slender flowers in a rainbow of colors atop a mist of foliage.

Foxglove Milk Chocolate, attracts butterflies like crazy

Foxglove Milk Chocolate, attracts bees & butterflies like crazy

Kniphofia rooperi, Florida summer rain tolerant

Kniphofia rooperi, Florida summer rain tolerant