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Bring Trick Candles with you when camping if it is windy!

Bring trick candles when you are camping. If the wind keeps blowing out your match or lighter, then light your fire with a trick candle. It relights itself when it gets blown out.

Apple Pie In A Can, how fun for weekend cooking at the farm!

Apple Pie In A Can

Who remebers tin-can dinners from Girl Scouts? I dont think we ever made desserts in a can though! Apple Pie In A Can, how fun for weekend cooking at the farm!

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Carry seasonings in a straw when you go camping. Heat one end of the straw with a lighter and crimp it shut, fill with seasoning, and repeat heating process on other end. - tomorrows adventures

Carry Seasoning in a Straw: Heat one end of a clear plastic straw with a lighter, then crimp it. Fill the straw with the desired seasoning, and repeat the process on the other end. Store in a plastic bag in case of a leak. Great for camping!

The best life hack list. I especially like the birthday gift idea & playing I-spy to find something you lost in your room. This really works!

Pretty cooool!

For all who are new to the US: learn how to identify Poison Ivy with its 3 leaves, be cautious when going for a walk or gardening, this plant is really bad. How to Identify Poison Ivy - Infographic

Clean Your Keyboard With a Swipe

Clean Your Keyboard With a Swipe

Pin for Later: 20 Tech Hacks That'll Make You Feel Like a Boss Clean Your Keyboard With a Swipe Before you throw a used Post-it in the trash can, use it to clean your keyboard by running the sticky side between the keys. How genius is that?

Crisp packet folding!

How To Close Your Chip Bag With NO CLIP! These simple steps will allow you to close the potato chip bag without using a clip or clamp. An example of a silly (but undeniably useful) origami fold.

Did you know this? #LifeHacks

Life Hacks When you're at a restaurant, wash your hands after ordering. The menu is generally the dirtiest thing you can touch.