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It's like stealing candy from a baby, except the candy is a cookie and the thief is an adorable pug in this hilarious video. Whenever the baby goes for the cookie, the pug makes sure to get it back.

Could  be

This is sooooo TRUE! I thought it was just my pugs who hated having their nails trimmed. It's a Pug thing

Every Day is a New Day

Selfies are taking social media by storm. Which celebrity or friend of yours hasn't posted a selfie? I can't think of any! Well, pets are our best buds, and they want in on the sensation too! Take a look at these 12 animal that are better than yours:

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I cant tell if this is dog or bread? Bread or dog? Dog or dog? Bread or bread.

I mustache you a question.. - Imgur

Dog toys are meant to make our pet pups happy, but there are plenty of clever dog toy designs that are fun (or funny) for their owners as well. The funny dog


How is that glove on his head? LolI just pinned it because it's FUNNY! Look at that! How in the WORLD can you not laugh and smile?

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Asian babies and pugs are two of my most favorite things in the whole wide world. this picture is perfection.

Baby Pug

I didn't choose the pug life, The pug life chose me Thanks for this cutie Schoenfeld Sisa !

I have now realized how fantastic pugs really are! hahaha!

Pugs that look like things

A pink and black hat for a PUG! My daughter LOVES pugs, I saw this and had to pin it.


Dog Hat Custom Stocking Cap by jessicalynneart on Etsy, so cute, love pugs!