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Irresistible to a honey loving bear. Worth every sting. The bear and the honey by Wenceslaus Hollar University of Toronto Wenceslaus Hollar Digital Collection

A Bears and bees by Aesop, llustration by William Mulready (1786-1863) for 'William Godwin's Fables Ancient and Modern', 1807

Ionian coin, Ephesus 390-330 BC

"3000 year old beehives. From Science News, September 2008 (subscription required): Honey of a discovery. An ancient Israeli site yields the oldest known archaeological example of beekeeping." Article summarized at click-through.

A Minoan bee smoker (1700-1450 B.C.) Honey was an important commodity for the Minoans. Linear B tablets testify to this important agricultural industry. A smoking terracotta piece was displayed which served the purpose of quietening the hive with the introduction of smoke. It was found in the 'House of Sacrificed Oxen'