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The ESA Herschel Space Observatory's new image shows the pillars and the wide field of gas and dust around them. Captured in far-infrared wavelengths, the image allows astronomers to see inside the pillars and structures in the region


Look in the center, it appears like Jesus standing on the cloud, extending His arms as He creates part of the universe!

Life Changing Quotes | "Never tell me the sky is the limit, when there are Footprints on the moon."

Thought of this in my weird dream going into another galaxy underworld (pretty sure it was inspired by Stranger Things). I said in my dream a good idea for my birthday party could be a galaxy themed sleepover!


Un post de imagenes largas... pasa capo...

Eyes & Nebulas: Windows To Our Souls - The Universe In Us . our eyes can be as beautiful and unique as the Galactic Nebulae. We’re a part of the universe as much as the universe is a part of us .

It's that time of year when spooky things are hiding around every corner. And in this supernova remnant hides a pulsar called SXP 1062.

Young pulsar, known as SXP in the remains of a supernova located in the Small Magellanic Cloud light-years from Earth. - Credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC et al

Cat's eye Nebula is 3 thousand years light-years from Earth. One of the most famous planetary nebula, NGC 6543 is an extension of half a year and represents a final, brief but glorious life of a star type Sun.

The Rosette Nebula is a star-forming region about 5,000 light years from Earth. X-rays from Chandra reveal about 160 stars in the cluster known as NGC 2237 (right side of the image). (Credit: X-ray (NASA/CXC/SAO/J. Wang et al), Optical (DSS & NOAO/AURA/NSF/KPNO 0.9-m/T. Rector et al))

science is beauty: Composite image (X-ray & optical) of the Rosette nebula, located about light years from Earth. More shocking that the one I posted here two years ago. Source: Rosette Nebula: The Heart of a Rose (Chandra X-ray Center)

Image shows the extreme vastness of our universe.

Our God is an awesome God . He reigns from heaven above . with wisdom power and love . our God is an awesome God!

The Eskimo Nebula

Complex planetary nebulas form when a star uses up all of the hydrogen in its core -- an event our Sun will go through in about five billion years. Image: X-ray: NASA/CXC/IAA-CSIC/N.Ruiz et al, Optical: NASA/STScI Caption: Chandra X-Ray Observatory