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frank-usher-ladies-smart-yellow-80s-style-jacket-blazer-size-m-4-590x590.jpg (590×590)

frank-usher-ladies-smart-yellow-80s-style-jacket-blazer-size-m-4-590x590.jpg (590×590)

amedot, peridot, amythest, stevenuniverse

amedot, peridot, amythest, stevenuniverse I dont ship it but i still cant help myself and its really cute


While half asleep and trying to get over a small cold, I had a dream that the Off Color gems made it to Earth and Rutile found a cute snake <<< Awwwww

That potato has seen some shit

10 Times Tumblr Pointed Out How Weird Humans Are

That potato has seen some shit Fantasy humans in space

lapidot tumblr hell

¡¡Tor daw fort what! "jajaja, en tu cara perridot" (¿creo que se escribe así verdad?

This Could Happen, I Suppose.

This Could Happen, I Suppose.

Or, like, have Peridot poof, and then Steven doesn't tell the gems, and keeps her safe himself so when she reforms she has no choice but to be grateful.

A Peridot tem um talento especial para deixar as pessoas para baixo!! Descobri Plutão!!

If anyone knows which episode that last one with lapis is from please inform me<<<it was a clip for one of the future episodes but i dont think it was meant to be releast yet