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The Best iPhone Apps for Moms-to-Be

Track your pregnancy, find baby names, get the latest health tips and more with these iPhone applications for expectant moms.

I'm a little bit in love with this Robin Hood-inspired Baby Name of the Day. If you love names ending with -ley, the letter x, and gender neutral names that are rarely heard in use, then Loxley is for you.

Important Questions to Ask at Your First OB Appointment

Wondering what to ask your OB at your first appointment? Review this list of top questions to ask your doctor. Learn more about pregnancy and prenatal checkups, screens and tests.

NO NICKNAME NAMES. I can always find a good nickname in any name. My partner's mom named her sons to have no nicknames: Jason is now Jay or Jase and Branden is B or Denny, etc. But if you want a name that will usually be said in full (no obviously accessible pet forms for people to pluck out of thin air), try starting with these.

11 Must Foods To Eat While Pregnant

11 Must Foods To Eat While Pregnant

11 Must Foods To Eat While Pregnant. Check out @Mom to Mom Nutrition- Katie Serbinski, MS, RD to find many recipes that include whole grains, eggs, potatoes, and many more of the foods listed on this pin.

11 Natural Ways to Prepare Your Body for Birth

Labor can be a scary thing when you aren't prepared. Follow these 11 steps to naturally prepare your body for birth and prepare your baby for life on the outside.