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Orange Socks is the nickname given to an unidentified female who was murdered on 31 October 1979 in Georgetown, Texas. The body was found naked, except for a pair of orange socks that led to her nickname. She had been strangled and was believed to have died hours before the discovery. In 2001, a missing woman's photograph surfaced that resembled Orange Socks. DNA testing, however, did not match. Henry Lucas confessed to her murder but he was in Florida during time of her death.

AU NOM DES SEINS is a french campaign against breast cancer - directed by MAL www.milordandletiquette.com One in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer, and 90 percent of breast cancer can be fully cured if it's caught early enough. Under the banner #AuNomDesSeins ("In the name of breasts"), this ad features a slew of famous (and nearly topless) French personalities. Each poses with objects that represent their "favorite" nicknames for their own boobs. Text by ADWEEK >> http://url...

Autrefois (Long Ago). Signed and dated 1888. Emile Munier (1840-95). French Academic artist. Oil on canvas. Munier entered the studio of William Bouguereau; as evidenced by the fact that in the Salon catalogue for 1872 he is now noted as being a student of not only Abel Lucas, but Bouguereau. Over the years the two became close friends; Bouguereau even had a nickname for him - la sagesse (wisdom) or le sage Munier (Munier the wise).

The Princess Mary Tudor, at about the age of nine, daughter of Henry VIII. and his Queen Catherine of Aragon. She would rule as Mary I. after the death of her brother Edward VI.

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