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There’s a new puzzle app that has taken the App Store by storm, and that is What’s the Word? 4 Pics 1 Word. This seems to be all my friends are going on about, but when you begin to look at some of the reviews, it’s clear to see that many iPhone users are angry because it is a clear rip off

There will be live FIFA World Cup video streaming in the Sky Go iPhone and iPad app now thanks to the ITV channel being added.

With the YouTube Capture you are able to record quickly and capture certain moment in less clicks than ever before, as well as there being less lag as well.

With the 2013 New York Auto Show now underway, well for press anyway, you might wonder how you will get around considering there is so much to see. Thankfully there’s and iOS app for that, and it offers more than just showing you where things are.

The Watch Dogs ctOS companion app is now live for iOS devices on iTunes. Will you be taking part in Watch Dogs from a mobile device?

Traktor DJ app allows you to make some great tunes, much easier than some similar apps.

Adobe has made the download for Photoshop Touch app for the iPhone live, and the best part is that it will only cost you $4.99, which isn’t bad when you consider that you get almost the same features as the iPad version.

The Cartoon HD app and gappcenter have been taken down and it is not clear if they will ever return. Did you use Cartoon HD on your iPhone?

There is a new app called Slim social media for busy people, which filters through all the rubbish and only provides you updates of the news that matters to you.

iPhone 5 users will love the fact that they will be able to control certain features of the new Nikon D7100 thanks to the iOS app Wireless Mobile Utility. There’s nothing better to be able to use your Apple smartphone after you have taken an image on a DSLR and then be able to do much more with it, such as share them to your social networks.