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With all the advantages held by the Union, many people think the Rebs never had a chance. Not me. Take a look at this map - that's a lot of area to conquer...you see, size DOES matter :) Not me - for a free PDF weighing the relative advantages/disadvantages for both sides - http://harristorian.com

original & incredible 1861 map showing the mason dixon line. northern states are shaded dark, southern states are light.

A Day in the Life of the Civil War: The Man Who Fired The First Shot

The ardent slave holder, supporter of the Confederacy and the man who fired the first shot of the Civil War, Edmund Ruffin was born January needs a horse-whipping by my Mom, she'd fix him!

Map showing the Slave Population of Southern USA, 1861

This map, made by the U. Coast Survey in 1861 using census data from shows the relative prevalence of slavery in Southern counties that year. The Map That Lincoln Used to See the Reach of Slavery

Confederacy. To this day I always feel like there is still a divede between the South and the rest of the country. To break down the reason you must examine the weather of the area and what kind of Europeans would settle there. Tougher conditions but more money to be made through crops

An Educational Web Site For the Citizens of the First Coast Community, The Great State of Florida and the Confederate States of America Dedicated to Educators, Parents and Students

Battlefields of the Civil War Map & Timeline http://storymaps.esri.com/stories/civilwar/

The Civil War was a war fought against the Union and the Confederacy. The Union was made up of the Northern States, while the Confederacy was made up of the Southern States.

US Map in 1800 prior to the Louisiana Purchase.

looked like when James Conley, the first free man of color in the Conley Family was born to John O. Map of The United States In 1800

Map of eastern Virginia and parts of North Carolina, Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, showing "battles in which New York regiments were engaged," "railroads at time of the civil war," and "turnpikes and plank roads." Union states are colored yellow, and Confederate states are green.

Map of eastern Virginia and parts of North Carolina, Maryland, West Virginia…