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Blue Heron on Lake Oconne - Blue Heron on Lake Oconne, GA by Temba

Norman Catherine, Requiem, 1994, Oilstick on Paper, 130 x 112 cm Private Standard Bank Gallery Johannesburg - South Africa

This is a Roman vas. This was created in the third century AD. It was made out of copper alloy. I discovered this on the Metropolitan Museum of Art website.

Picking Tobacco Under an Unforgiving Sun in Mexico

The home of Antonio Escobedo, a tobacco laborer, for the tobacco season. He would sleep, eat and work there for five months. Photo by César Rodríguez

The Incredible Iridescent Patterns of Peacock Feathers Viewed Under a Microscope

A Canadian software engineer and photographer has shed light on how the colour of the feathers seem to change by capturing what they look like magnified 500 times (pictured).