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When you're watching SPN, and people walk by looking at you weird when they overhear the show being the show...

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When you're watching SPN, and people walk by looking at you weird when they overhear the show being the show.like in 'Dog Dean Afternoon'

I See Your Sarcasm

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Sherlock personality quiz. My result: Mycroft. My favorite excerpts from the resulting description: "Organized, mysterious and well-connected, you’re a master of manipulation and surprisingly adept at kidnapping people." "You’re actually the smartest person in your family, despite the fact that most people tend to pay more attention to your more dramatic sibling."

Sherlock personality quiz - I got Sherlock! Though, he doesn't match me very well except for it's hard for me to make new friends and I am extremely loyal.


I just found it fascinating how they both got the best of each other. Both of them were able to get under the other person's skin, and shake up a well-crafted emotionally distant facade. (Did I mention this is my favorite episode?

Oh, yes.  Don't you just love it when your Fandom can seep into everyday lives?

Homemade Sherlock mugs. Just tea for me, thanks. Drink at once if convenient. If inconvenient, drink anyway. That's what people BREW! -- Other than the fact that it's tea mugs, I like it.

Cat Jumper by ~Automb on deviantART

First Sherlock fanart. Sherlock in John's cat jumper.


This would be perfect for spotting a fellow Sherlockian. Little shoulder bag SHERLOCK HOLMES by FeerieDoll on Etsy

Sherlock Nouveau: Sherlock Holmes by Rebecca -

‘Sherlock Nouveau: Sherlock Holmes’ iPhone Case/Skin by Rebecca -


"It was the husband, you hipster imposter." (Elementary is okay, but this is just too hilarious) <--- CUMBERBASH! Im gonna start saying that when I hit people

See yall in therapy!<< IF it becomes a disorder I've got a serious problem...

Which SpongeBob Character Are You?

"Me after series three of Sherlock: 'Goodbye everyone. I'll remember you all in therapy.

The fact that the way I would describe most people sounds insulting if I said it aloud doesn't really bother me at all because it just makes me feel like Sherlock. though I suppose it would bother most people around me.