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St. Michael and St. Gabriel - Archangels...St. Michael protect us from those with malice in their hearts, St Gabriel guide us in always communicating with clarity our intentions in respect, honor, and love.

by-grace-of-god: “All the current angel books seem to assume the angels are comforting. Yet almost every time a real angel appears in the Bible, he has to say “Fear not!” …Religious fear, or awe, is.

Brave strong and true, Michael thank yo I know I can always call on you

Would you like to learn to invoke Archangel Michael? The process is simple, with this powerful prayer to invoke Archangel Michael.

My Mother always told me her guardian Angel/spirit guide name was Michael...May he be with her now

you don't have to pray to the angels, just pray to The LORD. God is the one and only, true protector, but the angels are there to help them. I pinned this pin because The bible talks about 7 angels, and these are them.

anjo da guarda-crianças

Lord Almighty, Creator of all life, Thank You for creating the angels. As dedicated and faithful servants, They instantly act upon Your commands.

Jan Van Eyck Ghent altarpiece -detail

Jan van Eyck’s Ghent Altarpiece

Jan Van Eyck The Ghent Altarpiece: Prophet Zacharias; Angel of the Annunciation, , Church of St. Read more about the symbolism and interpretation of The Ghent Altarpiece: Prophet Zacharias; Angel of the Annunciation by Jan Van Eyck.