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Testing Old Seeds: Seeds saved from past gardens may be worth sowing -- but only if they pass this test: Fold 10 seeds in moist paper towel, place in resealable bag, mark with date and type. Watch to see how many germinate. Multiply that number by 10 to calculate the percent of germinations. More than 70 percent is passing. If between 40 and 60 percent, sow thickly. Below 40 percent, it's best to buy fresh seed.

10 Steps to Starting a Community Garden- 8. Plan for Children Consider creating a special garden just for kids–including them is essential. Children are not as interested in the size of the harvest but rather in the process of gardening. A separate area set aside for them allows them to explore the garden at their own speed.

DIY: How to Save Heirloom Tomato Seeds for Annual Growing

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Seed Storage To ensure that seeds wake up refreshed from their long winter naps, take the time to tuck them in properly. Seed Storage How-To Next: Power and Wire Map

DIY Seed Vault-Save Seed for 10 Years

Do you save seed for the future? Learn to make a DIY Seed Vault - Save Seed for 10 Years