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Learn how your church can intentionally identify and celebrate the faith milestones in the lives of children, youth, and adults.

August 17, 2015

Ask, thank, tell: Stewardship in smaller churches

Joshua 4:4-7

pile of stones (Photo credit: tom_focus ) So Joshua called together the twelve men he had appointed from the Israelites, one fr.

Learn the books of the Bible by writing the names on clothespins and have kids organize in order. With numbers on the back of the clothespins, kids can check their work once they're done.

Clothespin Books of the Bible

Have kids put the pins in order. Clothespin Books of the Bible «Sunday School Craft Corner Sunday School Craft Corner. This is a great idea for the kids to actually know the order of the books!

Joshua set up stones for the Israelites to remember all that God had done. We can do this in our own homes, not with stones but in other creative ways. This 1-minute devotion offers some suggestions. (double click image to read it).

Joshua set up stones for the Israelites to remember all that God had done. I like this idea for altar decor. A simple pile of lovely stones could be impactful - especially if you refer to Joshua or to Samuel's stone of help "Ebenezer".

See p.7 for Heifer living gift market ideas

Develop your Sunday School curriculum with Feeding Church workshops in Art, Drama, Geography, Photography, Storytelling that will engage your ministry.


Helping kids listen in church. keyword listening sheets glittrglu - more info ?

Finding Intergenerational Community in the Church Book Club

For the last thirteen years, I have had the privilege of participating in a book club with women from my church. While our membership has fluctuated over time, the sense of community that we share has not.

My Ebeneezer was a nail!!! (from that darn floor....)

Here I raise mine ebenezer - Startpage Picture Search

Book page flower | DIY Stuff

DIY Book Page Flower Tutorial (With Free Printable)

Worship includes 'all ages and all stages' at a San Mateo church

At First Presbyterian Church San Mateo, worship is like Thanksgiving dinner, with everyone at the table. Tips and advice on intergenerational worship.

Why do YOU have to go to Church?

by Laura Kelly Fanucci Why do you have to go to church? I thought I wasn’t going to have to answer that snarly question for a few more years. Maybe even a decade before you started stomping around with teenage eye rolls of disgust when I ask you…

Engaging as a family strengthens not only the intergenerational relationships that are key to our kids’ faith, but also the intergenerational warmth that helps a church grow young.

A memorable way to bring the generations together at your Christmas dinner